Barnsley 3-0 Walsall – Part One

Being a football supporter isn’t an easy task.  Heartbroken is probably the best word to describe how I feel right now.  My heart actually hurts the same way it would when you go through a break up.

Unable to travel to Barnsley I had to watch the game on Sky Sports.  As much as watching the match in the comfort of your own home is slightly appealing, I wanted nothing more than to be with my fellow supporters in the away stand.  But other commitments meant I was unable to attend.

I don’t really want to comment too much on the game.  The main downside to watching it at home was having to sit through the action replays.  Seeing the goals scored against us over and over again was torturous.  During the match I felt completely useless, and all I could do was to shout and scream at the TV.  When I am at the games I often feel like my shouting can make an impact on the players, which may be a silly thought I know.

Taking positives from the match is difficult.  Lots of fans on social media have been criticising players like Rico Henry and Romaine Sawyers.  I have to admit it was not a good performance by many of the Saddlers players.  It would be nice to think that they are just as devastated as the fans.  Surely even if they have got deals elsewhere for next season, getting to the playoff finals and playing Wembley twice in two years (for most of them) would be an accomplishment they would love to have.

Waking up today I felt upset about the situation.  I had hoped that this dreary feeling would go away.  But then Walsall wouldn’t be the team I supported if they didn’t put me through these trials and tribulations.  The scoreline and this playoff semi finals seems to sum up our season.  We are always lucky to be in with a chance, and on a bad day like yesterday it can go horribly wrong.  But when we are given a difficult task both players and fans pull together and have achieved some amazing scorelines.

Yes it is a hard task to come back in with a chance of getting into the finals, but do you know what – I still believe in them.  When did the Saddlers ever make anything easy?  Thursday needs a lot of positive thinking and passion from the players.  If they can put in the performance we know they have in them, Wembley is still possible.

My sister and her boyfriend Joakim, are visiting from Sweden on that day, so the whole family will be turning out at the Banks’s.  As Joakim is a Liverpool supporter I am hoping he can bring some of their magic and luck that The Reds had in Instanbul when they were 2005 winners of the Champions League.

Whatever the outcome will be on Thursday I am immensely proud of what this team have achieved.  At the beginning of the season, if I was told we would have this success I would have been over the moon.

I am grateful that I can see this team of players play again one last time, although I am hoping and praying that the final game will be at Wembley.

One thought on “Barnsley 3-0 Walsall – Part One

  1. The players looked really disappointed and hurt when they came off (especially James O’Connor) and the fans that were there were very supportive, unlike the social media comments. Barnsley were excellent with their pressing, height and strength. Tomorrow will be difficult, but as you say, it is still possible, especially from this team.


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