Leicester City, Champions of the Premier League

Winning the Premier League is what  football dreams are made of.

Leicester city fcLeicester City’s story this season has captured the hearts of many.  Not just football fans in the UK, but with all people around the world.

It gives hope to us long suffering fans that our teams could achieve similar successes.  I mean not necessarily winning the Premier League, but winning games and competitions to prove critics wrong.

When people ask me why I like football, it is a question I always find difficult to answer.  Especially if it is asked during a spell when my team are on a losing streak.  But if I could bag all the energy and joy the Foxes fans were feeling and give that to the next person who asks, that might help me explain.

I can only imagine how their supporters are feeling.  The closest I have come to such elation is when Walsall won the playoff final in 2001 and when we became champions of League Two in 2007.

With all the money that is in the Premier League Leicester’s success is something that was thought of as being impossible.  Money is a subject within the game that frustrates me.  It has in part ruined some aspects of the game.  Take Aston Villa, there is no amount of money in the world that could have saved them this season.

jamie vardy 3

The real winner of this all is Jamie Vardy.  A footballer who not too long ago was playing for Fleetwood Town in the conference.  Now he finds himself currently one goal shy of being the top goal scorer in the Premier League, and a film of his life to be made.

Football is a funny game, so we never know what is in store for us next season.  So for now let’s enjoy the success of the underdog.



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