Football Widow Weekend

As a Walsall fan at this stage in the season (and it is not often this happens) every point counts.  This isn’t just the games that we play, it’s the teams around us in the league.

The Saddler’s match this weekend has been rescheduled for Monday, as we have been chosen to be shown on Sky Sports.  Meaning that not only did I have to reschedule work to make sure I have the day off, I also had to look for what side I need to cheer for.

bradleydack.jpgOn Saturday Burton face Gillingham at home.  With the Brewers being the team to stop us getting automatic promotion I have taken on the role of being a Gills’ supporter for one day only.
Although secretly I am a bit of a Bradley Dack fan, whose skill I admired when he played against us at the Banks.  I am hoping he’ll become my hero this weekend by scoring the winner against Burton, leaving Walsall still in with a chance of second place.

But today, instead of keep checking my phone for score updates, I will be trying to enjoy my football free Saturday.

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