Saddlers Cup ‘Like’ Final



Walsall V Swindon – photo by Rebecca Grant

My dad and I were going to give Bradford away a miss this Saturday.

With the impending back to back home matches we thought it would be good to have a break.  These were the thoughts we had before our home game to Swindon, where we drew 1-1.  That was the match where I went full of hopes we would be walking away sitting second in the table.  In the end the result meant nothing had changed.

However my dreams of automatic promotion are still alive.  On Monday, Dad turned to me and said that he has had a look at Google maps, knows the route and researched the ticket prices for Bradford.  Surprised by this I then got excited at the possibility of going to the match.  Later in the week we both decided that we would definitely go, especially as my Dad noted it could be our last chance of feeling the hopes of automatic promotion.

There has been a lot of talk on social media on how all of our remaining matches are like playing a cup final.  I could not agree more, especially with this away game against Bradford.

Today Matthew Pennington was recalled by Everton, following his brief loan spell with the Saddlers.  This means that we should see James O’Connor back in the side, who I believe we have missed massively.

Tom Bradshaw will again be in contention for a starting place in the team.  Although I think we should keep him as a ‘super sub’ on the bench like Tuesday evening.

I am too nervous to make any predictions for the score tomorrow.  Instead I will be focusing my energy on creating a motivational and uplifting playlist for the 3 hour road trip to Valley Parade.  As well as sending all the players my positive thoughts.

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