International Update

International breaks are rare for Walsall supporters.  As we go into Easter weekend both of our games have been called off as we we have too many players representing their countries.

Like their clubs, the international teams the Saddlers represent do not get that much coverage in the press.  So I have had to rely on lots of internet searches to keep me updated with their fixture dates and results.

Luckily our goalkeeper Neil Etheridge, has quite a large social media presence.  This has made keeping up to date with how the Philippines national team are doing a lot easier.

From his Instagram I feel I have been there every step of the way.

From his arrival…..Etheridge2.png

To before the game starts…..


To the end result……


I’m loving the fact that I can keep up to date with at least one of our players, and that I have some football to follow this weekend.

The international break has allowed me to spend time with my family *sigh.  At least I can try to sneak off and watch the England game later tonight.

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