Walsall 2 – 1 Colchester

I think I have only just calmed down from the exciting last 5 minutes of today’s game.

The day started well, my dad and I picked up our season tickets for next season.  Our section of the ground was quite busy, but we got to see the players warm up.


Players warming up – photo taken by Rebecca Grant


During the first half of there was not much to set the two teams apart.  I couldn’t see how Colchester are currently bottom of the league, they played on par with the Saddlers.

When Alex Gilbey scored just before the end of the first half The U’s looked like they were the team that were in a promotion battle.

Walsall’s struggle seemed to come from their missing captain Adam Chambers who was not featured in the game due to injury.  They also lost James O’Connor in the 18th minute, and I felt this contributed to their lacklustre performance.  These two senior players are always seen lifting the lad’s spirits, and without them their spirits dropped when losing 1-0.

This continued well into the second half, and it was the most frustrating performance I have seen all season.  After going to the Chesterfield game last weekend I knew that they can turn a result like this around.

walsall v colchester.png

Photo by Rebecca Grant

Fans started leaving whilst my dad and I just kept shouting and trying to encourage the players even more.  Then in the 89th minute a ball laid on by Matt Preston led Tom Bradshaw to score his 18th goal and get the Saddlers back to 1-1.  When the goal went in it was such an amazing feeling.  Although afterwards I was suffering from major stomach cramps from the excitement and stress of it all.

With four minutes of extra time left to play my dad turned to me to say ‘we could go on to win this you know’.  My stomach cramps had just subsided when we got the ball back up the pitch and all the fans were urging for Romaine Sawyers to get the ball in the box.

After a corner I don’t remember too much of what happened.   From what I recall there was more than one shot on target and a bit of a scramble in the box.  Then Preston managed to put the ball in the back of the net, making Walsall 2-1 in the 94th minute.

The feeling after the goal was like we had won the league, FA Cup and Champions league all rolled into one.


Walsall players celebrating their victory – photo by Rebecca Grant

All evening I have been singing ‘Oh Tommy Bradshaw’, and I think I will continue to do so while I am asleep.

We now are heading into an International break (which is a weird thing for a Walsall fan to write) so our next game is not until 2nd April away at Sheffield United.  Let’s hope our injured players can get fit ready for the final promotion push.

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