Match of the weekend – Burton v Walsall

Walsall v Burton 2(Above image from The Daily Mail – Walsall V Burton 10/10/25)

Ok I may be biased but forget all of the other football fixtures that are taking place this weekend, the one to watch is Burton v Walsall.

Their last meeting saw a 2-0 win for the Saddlers.  The match featured a first professional goal for Liam Kinsella and a last minute penalty for their leading scorer Tom Bradshaw (both pictured above).

Burton are the surprise team of League One.  They currently sit comfortably (ish) at the top of the table with 63 points and 4 points clear of Wigan who are second place.  

Walsall who despite their critics have been in the playoff position

and above for most of the season.  The team along with 1800 of their away fans are all geared up for today’s game.

With the best away form in the league my prediction is a 3-1 Walsall win


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